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Tree planting in Oxford and Aylesbury

Tree Planting in March

March is the end of the planting season for bare-rooted and rootballed trees, shrubs and hedging, although container grown trees can be planted virtually all the year round as long as soil conditions are suitable.

Bare-rooted trees should be planted during the dormant season which is the Winter period between November and March. So, we are now very much on the count down to the end of the tree planting season. The key to successful planting is to ensure that as much of the root system that has developed over time in the nursery is kept intact and healthy during the planting process.
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Alder Hay Four Seasons Charity

Four Seasons Supporting Alder Hay Children’s Charity.


Four Seasons Tree Care are supporting Lucy Vaughan and Ryan Williams who will cycle 400 kms from Vietnam through Cambodia on behalf of the Alder Hey Children’s Charity. They aim to raise over £ 6000 for the charity and Four Seasons will be donating to this very worthwhile cause.

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Oak Tree Princes Risborough

Tree Hazard Assessment For Large Holm Oak, Princes Risborough.

We were recently asked to inspect a very large Holm Oak (Quercus ilex) for a client near Princes Risborough.  The tree was huge by any standards with a large crown spread of around 25 meters and the trunk diameter close to ground level of about 2.5 meters. We estimated the age to be around 300 years.  The tree stood in a garden situation with other property and gardens around it. The owner had noticed a large fungus growing at the base of the tree and was concerned about the safety of the tree.
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Tree Removal Oxfordshire

Poplar Tree Removed With Crane On Rycote Lane, Oxfordshire.

The team completed an interesting job recently that required the use of a crane to lift out large sections of a Poplar tree.  The tree stood around 22 meters tall and was surrounded by large wooden barns with tiled roofs below. On inspection it was noted that the tree had a marked lean with some decay in the lower stem. The lean appeared to be progressive and in the event of windthrow this tree would have caused major damage to the buildings around it.  Clearly, this tree needed to be removed on safety grounds.
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Tree Damage Removal Thame

Tree Falls On Car At Spread Eagle In Thame.

We received a request for help after a Monterey Cypress fell in the busy car park of this town centre hotel. The tree fell during the night and landed across a sports car and some fencing. We were able to get a team to the job within just a few hours. The weight of the tree was quite well spread with the fence taking a lot of the force.
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DSCN0216 - Copy

Tree Work For Damaged Houses In Oxford.

As an experienced and professional tree work company we provide solutions to risks associated with trees near buildings. As trees change and age over time they can become unsafe and may break or fall; tree surgery can reduce this risk. Trees can also cause damage to buildings in a less obvious way.  Tree roots abstract moisture from the soil they grow in. Clay soil types contract when their moisture content is reduced and this can cause subsidence. Equally when large trees are removed on a clay soil it is possible that the soil can swell by taking up extra water. This can cause the condition known as ‘heave’.  Two recent jobs highlighted these problems.
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