The team completed an interesting job recently that required the use of a crane to lift out large sections of a Poplar tree.  The tree stood around 22 meters tall and was surrounded by large wooden barns with tiled roofs below. On inspection it was noted that the tree had a marked lean with some decay in the lower stem. The lean appeared to be progressive and in the event of windthrow this tree would have caused major damage to the buildings around it.  Clearly, this tree needed to be removed on safety grounds.

Tree Removal Oxfordshire

Conventional climbing and rigging techniques would not have been suitable for this job as there was no clear space below the tree. We opted to use a crane so that the cut sections could be lifted out and lowered safely into clear space. There was just enough space for us to set up our cherry picker close to the base of the tree which also helped with working efficiency and safety.

Tree Removal Thame

The tree was dismantled from the top down in fairly large pieces as shown in the photos taken on the day. The whole job was completed in just half a day and without any damage whatsoever.

Tree Removal Oxford