Another successful tree planting job in Marlow!  Much of our work involves the felling and removal of trees so it always feels good to be planting new trees for the future. This job was for a client in the Marlow area. Although the house sits in a fairly large wooded plot there was a view from the house across to a neighbouring property. The brief we were given was to come up with a planting scheme that would provide good screening and add some interest and colour to the gardens. The new trees would also need to be fairly self sufficient and not require too much pruning in the future.

Various broadleafed evergreen species were suggested such as Holly (Ilex aquifolium), Portugal Laurel (Prunus lusitanica), Holm Oak (Quercus ilex) and Photinia ‘Red Robin’.   After some consideration we decided to use Photinia.

Tree planting in Marlow


The trees were chosen for their attractive red new foliage, white summer         flower and good screening.  These trees had been specifically grown in             the nursery with a contorted stem as you can see in the photos. 


We chose not to use stakes to secure the trees as this would detract from         the contorted stems and secured the trees with an underground guying             system.

The picture here shows the underground guying being installed.



We planted 5 trees in all in two offset rows. At a planted height of over 4 metres these trees provided the ideal instant cover that our client was looking for.

New trees planted in Marlow to create a screen