• Air Spade Work in Oxford

The Air Spade is a specialist tool that is extremely useful for excavating soil around trees and their root systems without causing any damage to the trees.

There are 3 main areas where the Air Spade is most commonly used :

  1. 1. On development sites we are regularly using the Air Spade to work in areas where conventional digging by hand or machine is not viable. Often planning consent is subject to ‘No Dig’ constraints in areas close to trees that must be retained.
  2. 2. Root damage and soil compaction is a main reason that trees fail to thrive and die. The Air Spade can be used in such cases to decompact soil and so improve the rooting environment of trees. We use techniques such as vertical and radial mulching. This is where some soil is removed within the trees root zone and replaced with a compost blended with nutrients and mycorrhizal fungi. This can often have a really beneficial impact on tree vitality.
  3. 3. The other main area of use for the Air Spade is to inspect tree roots for signs of disease, damage or decay. By removing soil from around the main roots it is then possible to make a close visual and hands on inspection of a tree’s roots. This can provide vital information to help assess the health and stability of a tree.