Wood Chip Mulch

We sell good quality wood chip mulch for your garden and other uses.

Every day we are chipping trees and branches arising from our tree work operations. All of this wood chip is returned to our yard and stockpiled to be recycled for various uses. Most of this product is sold as biomass for electricity generation.
We can deliver wood chip mulch for use in your garden. As a garden mulch wood chip has several advantages :
– Wood chip mulch suppresses the growth of weeds.
– Wood chip mulch reduces moisture evaporation and so helps soil water retention in Summer months.
– Wood chip mulch breaks down to add nutrients to the soil which boosts plant growth and improves soil structure.
– Wood chip mulch is a sustainable and cost effective solution to many garden management problems.

Our wood chip is also used as a surface for garden or woodland paths, particularly over wetter ground.

We also supply wood chip for equestrian use as a ménage surface.

Our woodchip can be delivered to you in loose loads but not bagged.

Please call us to discuss your requirements and we can advise you and quote accordingly.

Unique Wood Products

As you will appreciate, we encounter a diverse range of trees from the commonly found species to the rare and exotic. On occasion we have available some unusual pieces that will be of interest to wood workers and turners.

Contact us today for any of the above services.