• Tree Stump Removal Oxford
  • Oxford Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps are removed for many reasons and with our own stump grinder we can remove stumps of any size quickly and conveniently. Our machine is narrow enough to access just about any situation and powerful enough to deal with large tree stumps. We can grind them down well below surface level. This makes space for replanting or new landscaping or simply removes unsightly stumps and trip hazards from your garden.

Stump grinding will prevent most stumps from regenerating and can be beneficial in the control of diseases such as Honey Fungus. This common tree disease feeds on dead woody material in the ground so thorough stump removal can play an important role in limiting the spread of Honey Fungus.

The mulch-like material that results from grinding stumps can often be composted and recycled within a garden. Alternatively, we can always clear it all away to be recycled at our own yard.