Air Spade & Decompaction

“Without the Air Spade we would never have been able to build beneath
the crowns of the protected trees on our site”
Technical Expertise. Soil Restoration. Ground work in Tree Root Zone.
The Air Spade is a specialist tool that is extremely useful for excavating soil around trees and their root systems without causing damage. It is particularly useful for trenching work through ‘No Dig’ areas around trees on development sites.

Increasingly Planning Authorities will specify that ground works in the root zone of protected trees need to be undertaken with an Air Spade. We own and operate both the Air Spade 2000 and the larger 3000 model.

We can also help with decompaction to soil after works are completed. Again the Air Spade can be used in such situations to restore the quality of compacted soil.

We are also able offer decompaction using the Terravent system. This equipment injects compressed Nitrogen into the ground which is released and shatters soil compaction.

The Terravent system can also be used to inject mycoorhizal fungi and beneficial nutients into the soil.

This treatment can be very beneficial to new and existing trees on sites where development works may have impacted on ground conditions.

We use techniques such as vertical and radial mulching. This is where some soil is removed within the trees root zone and replaced with a compost blended with nutrients and mycorrhizal fungi.

This generally has a very a positive impact on tree vitality.

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“Four Seasons Tree Care Ltd have established themselves as a core regional contractor within our national network through offering a consistent and high-quality service to our insurer clients.”

“Once a job is passed to Matt Vaughan and his team, we have complete confidence that it will be delivered diligently and with a high degree of professionalism. It is a pleasure to work with this company!”

David Williams

Director, MWA Arboriculture Ltd , 10/08/2018

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