Trees are dynamic structures that adapt, grow and decay in response to their changing environmental conditions. It is important that tree owners and managers take appropriate action to maintain their safety.

Managers and land owners have a ‘Duty of Care’ to take reasonable measures under the Occupiers Liability Act to ensure that trees situated on their land remain in a safe condition as far as is reasonably practicable. Four Seasons Tree Care can help land owners to meet this requirement.

Tree inspections are undertaken by Matthew Vaughan who has long experience of working with trees since 1986 and holds the LANTRA awarded qualification – Professional Tree Inspection.

TreeTag For Inspection In OxfordGenerally, trees are tagged with numbered ID Tag and the trees are then plotted on to a site map. Relevant data is then collected for each tree and collated in a report. The report will also provide a detailed schedule of works as appropriate and a clear indication of when work should be carried out.

Normally a ground level inspection is sufficient but it can be necessary to climb trees to observe splits and cavities that may not be visible from ground.

Naturally we are happy to provide aerial tree inspections if needed. On occasion trees develop internal cavities and it can be important to know the extent of such cavities.

Specialised diagnostic equipment is needed for this and we are able to arrange for ‘internal decay detection’ when needed.

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