Tree Surgery

“Both of the trees look fantastic – your team have shaped them beautifully”
Highly skilled, expert team. Safe and careful work by staff who care.
We have many years’ experience in pruning and shaping trees of every kind. A well pruned tree is a thing of beauty and we take great pride in the quality of our work. Good pruning is all about shape, balance and enhancing the natural form of the tree.

There are several different pruning operations commonly carried out depending on the circumstances.

The descriptions below describe the more typical methods that we use. However, there are many ways of pruning trees and we are always pleased to listen to our clients and advise accordingly.

Crown Reduction

This type of pruning reduces the overall height and spread of a tree and is often carried out to allow a tree to fit better in a restricted space, perhaps in a garden or close to property. It can improve light into a garden and reduce the risk of storm damage


This traditional practice involves removal of all of the leafing part of the tree’s crown back to a specific point or the previous cut point. It is the most severe form of pruning but certainly has its place in tree management. Pollarded trees can live on for centuries and become very important ecological resources. Pollarding may also be used to curtail the growth of large and vigorous species such as Lime and Willow.

Crown Thinning

This operation will reduce the bulk and density of a tree without changing the height or spread. It allows more natural light to filter through a tree and may be carried out in conjunction with other work such as removing dead wood or lifting the crown.

Crown Lifting

This measure is often used where low growth is simply in the way. By removing this, space can be created below the tree which is useful for vehicle access, the growth of garden shrubs or even to open up a view beyond the tree.

Now you see it – now you don’t!

“Matt and a huge gang with many vehicles turned up (well, it was a huge tree) and got straight to work.”

“They were however careful not to damage the access route over a school playing field by putting boards down along their path. They were all very courteous and energetic beavered away until the tree was gone and then cleared the site leaving just a huge pile or root grindings as agreed. Thank you Matt and the gang.”

A Stewart

Thame, 07/03/2018

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