Stump Removal

“a great service. You would not know the tree was ever there”

Compact & powerful machinery to remove stumps with minimum disruption to your garden.

When a tree is felled it is often not convenient to just leave the stump in the ground. We have the machinery to efficiently grind out tree stumps of any size. This can free up the space for new planting, new building or laying to grass.

Our machinery will fit through a standard garden gate and can access most garden situations. The stump is simply ground down to around 300 mm below ground level. The woody mulch that remains can be used around the garden as a mulch or we can clear it all away.

Aside from just being in the way, tree stumps can become a disease risk in your garden as they are readily infected by Honey Fungus. This is another good reason have us grind them out.

It may not always be practical or cost effective to grind out every stump. We have an eco-friendly chemical treatment that we can use to kill off stumps and accelerate the natural decay process.

We simply insert plugs into the problem stumps requiring treatment. The process is quick and easy.

There is no mess or disruption to the garden and the chemical will not leach out into the surrounding soil. It is safe to use around ponds and water courses and presents no risk to wildlife or pets in the garden.

First class tree surgeons

“Reduction in height of a number of cypress trees by approx. one third. The work was carried out with efficiency & professionalism and undertaken in adverse weather conditions (wind & heavy rain).”

Mrs Jenkins


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