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It is often necessary to remove trees for a variety of reasons and in many different situations from back gardens to large development sites. These operations can require particular skill and expertise as well as specialised machinery.

Typically larger trees in confined space will need to be dismantled in pieces. This is sometimes called sectional felling and this involves a tree surgeon lowering parts of the tree to the ground in a safe and controlled manner with specialized rigging techniques and equipment. We have staff  who are trained and certificated in these techniques. We have been undertaking these operations for many years and have the best equipment to do this work safely and efficiently.

All of our rigging equipment is thoroughly inspected and renewed at regular intervals. We often use MEWPs or ‘cherry pickers’ as they are commonly known to facilitate this work safely and efficiently. This allows the tree surgeon to operate at height from a secure basket which is really useful, especially when operating larger chain saws to remove heavy sections of tree. Of course our staff  are properly trained to use this machinery. On occasion, we will bring in a crane to assist these operations.

Our experience has shown that sometimes a crane is the safest and most cost effective solution to large tree removals and this is another area where we have considerable experience.

All of our work is carried out to B.S. 3998, 2010. Tree Work Recommendations. and subject to a thorough risk assessment.

Please see an example of a large tree removal job where the tree was situated close to a garage, as well as overhanging the garage roof.

We often recommend replacement planting and you can find out more about this service on our Tree Planting page.