Four Seasons Tree Care. A trusted business that has been caring for our trees and hedges for over 25 years. Owner, Matt Vaughan takes us through just three of their recent projects.

Out with the old and in with the new. Four Seasons Tree Care were very pleased to be invited to work on an interesting project with the award winning garden designer, Rosemary Coldstream.

The aim was to create a stunning new avenue approach to a property near Thame. Firstly, a neglected and outgrown line of trees needed to be felled and removed. They ground out all of the stumps thoroughly, in readiness for the regrading of the soil and the new planting to follow.

A mixture of large root-balled multistemmed shrubs were planted to form a colourful, informal screen and backdrop. Thirty two ‘Chanticleer’ Pears were planted to create a gently curving line forming a visually stunning avenue effect. These trees are ideal for more formal planting as they tend to retain a relatively compact and upright shape that requires little pruning as the trees mature.

They have abundant white flower in the Spring and often hold their leaf into early Winter. The client and designer were delighted with the finished job and for Matt and his team, it was very pleasing to help create a beautiful landscape feature that will last for many years to come.

As trees age and decline in vigour they often gain in value, character and beauty. Take this veteran Judas tree for example – growing in an old garden in the middle of Marlow. Matt estimated this tree to be around 200 years old and despite the hollowed main trunk it still carries a full crown and produces masses of purple flower. Few species can boast such a vibrant display of Spring colour.

Four Seasons Tree Care carried out some careful pruning to lessen weight on the structure of the tree along with a timely addition of micro nutrients into the soil within the root zone. These measures will help this tree live on for years to come. “It is always rewarding to focus our skills and provide expert arboricultural TLC on beautiful veteran trees like this,” said Matt.

As always, the team have been busy on a wide range of tree work from careful pruning to some really large tree removal jobs such as the sectional felling of a Giant Redwood. The tree had been badly damaged, probably by a lightning strike, and had become very unsafe. The work was undertaken in two stages. Firstly, the limbs and top section of the tree is dismantled safely, using a rigging system and secondly Four Seasons bring in a crane to lift out the main stem in sections.

“As you can see, no two jobs are alike and we just love the contrast,” says Matt. “One day, it may be careful pruning with secateurs and the next it is moving heavy timber with big machinery. We welcome it all,” he adds.

Why not put your tree work in safe hands with Thame’s most trusted and accredited tree surgeons. Contact Matt and he will be happy to discuss your project.

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