Our expert tree surgeons have shaped and pruned many garden trees in the Thame area in recent weeks.  Recent work included reducing the crown of an old Robinia, removing low branches on a Horse Chestnut and pruning a veteran Cappadocian Maple.  The garden belonged to a Victorian property and the trees were probably part of the original planting, so probably at least 120 years old and now fully mature. Trees of this size and age have tremendous character and value and deserve the very best arboricultural attention. They can become unsafe and prone to storm damage as well as taking light and space from other smaller trees and shrubs in a garden.

Our job, in this case was to reduce risk of storm damage, improve light levels to the property and garden around the trees whilst maintaining the beauty and natural shape and form off the tree.

The photo above shows the reduced Robinia tree (Robinia pseudoacacia) in relation to the main house.

In another part of the garden we removed lower growth on some Horse Chestnut trees to form a high archway over the drive. We were able to carry out this work from our cherry picker (MEWP), shown in the photo above.

One of my personal favourite trees is the Cappadocian Maple (Acer cappadocium). This tree is similar to the Norway Maple but with more whiskered lobes to the leaf and it turns a bright, clear butter yellow in the Autumn.  This example was particularly large and we carefully removed some low growth and dead wood to improve aesthetics.

We are always pleased to advise on tree management and to use our skills to enhance the beauty of trees in relation to their surroundings.