This week our tree surgeons felled and removed 3 large trees at a site near Oxford for a commercial client.  A five man team arrived with two wood chippers and three trucks in order to complete the tree work efficiently, in just one day.

Site clearing of wood logs and brush in Oxford

Our tree surgeons climbed each tree and in sections, felled them as there was not enough space to straight fell the trees from ground level.  Within a few hours the trees were all on the ground and being processed.

Using two wood chippers on a job like this really speeds things up.  We also bring an Avant loader with a timber grab to pick up the bigger wood and load it on to the trucks. This machine massively reduces time and labour costs as well as ensuring we do not unnecessarily expose our staff to the risk of injury through manual handling of heavy timber.

Wood chipping in site clearance Oxford

We delivered around 6 tons of woodchip to a local farm where it is dried and used as biomass for heating.  Around 8  tons of larger diameter timber was delivered to a different site where it is burnt in a large bale burner and again fuels a large heating system.  It is part of our company policy to recycle the arisings from our tree work operations in an environmentally friendly way. By using the woodchip and the timber to generate heat for buildings we are able to satisfy this objective.  Generally, the material can all be recycled within 15 miles of our depot which again helps to maintain our green credentials.

At the end of the job the site was left in a very tidy condition with just 3 stumps cut to ground level left behind – All in a day’s work !