Our expert team has been busy felling and clearing trees at in Aylesbury and Wheatley this week.

The Cedar tree in the photo below was removed carefully and safely as part of an insurance claim because it was implicated in subsidence to the adjacent property. Clay soils are prone to changes in volume through desiccation. We have experienced below average rainfall for three consecutive years in the South East and this has led to a persistent water deficit in the soil.  Tree roots exacerbate the situation and consequently we have seen a huge increase in tree related subsidence on clay soils.

This tree was around 60 years in age and just coming into early maturity with the capacity to get considerably larger and so continue to desiccate the surrounding soil.  After expert investigation and analysis, the recommendation was sadly to remove the tree.

In this photo, our lead climber James has set up a large section of the Cedar to be cut and lowered to the ground.

The photo below shows the same section of tree coming safely to rest on the ground. We use a device called a Hobbs block to control the weight of the piece which is fixed to the base of the tree.  We find that this device gives good security and control in rigging operations.

The pieces of timber were all picked up with our Avant loader and cleared to leave the property in a good tidy condition.  We left some of the smaller diameter wood for the customer to use as firewood. They were very pleased with how little disruption there was to their garden