Trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order cannot be felled without consent from the local planning authority. We brought our knowledge of the legislation, planning process and arboriculture to help our client gain consent to remove a protected tree that had become a problem and potential risk to property.

The first photo shows the tree close to the boundary wall and with the roof of the neighbouring bungalow to the right. The second photo shows the same part of the garden with the tree now removed and two new trees planted to fill the space.

Felling tree with tree preservation order in Long Crendon

Although this mature Ash tree was in good condition the growth of the roots was causing cracks to the low boundary wall and also the surface of the driveway on the other side of the wall. The presence of the cracks alone would probably not have been sufficient justification to obtain consent to remove the tree. The tree owner obtained a report from a chartered building surveyor that clearly stated that the property damage was caused by the the Ash tree. We included this report along with an application to fell and replace the tree. Within 8 weeks we obtained consent from the local authority and were able to proceed with the job.

Tree removal with tree preservation order in Long Crendon

The position of the tree presented a challenge because there was no clear space below in which to drop the cut tree sections. We were able to set up our work platform on the paved area beneath the tree having first boarded over the paving. The tree was then carefully dismantled using rigging systems to control the descent of the cut sections of the tree.

The stump measured around six foot in diameter and we were able to completely grind this out with our stump grinder. The woody mulch was all removed and clean soil and compost brought in so that the new trees will establish well and thrive.
The work was completed in around 2 days and without any damage whatsoever to the garden and paving below the tree