The team were busy last week felling and removing around 20 trees to make way for the creation of a new tree lined avenue near Princes Risborough. Access was good so we used our largest Heizohack tree chipper to clear the trees quickly and efficiently from the site. The chipper takes small trees whole and can chip up many tons of tree growth in a day. We feed the chipper with our Avant loader which saves on manual handling and is so much quicker than feeding the machine by hand.

Once the trees were gone we brought in a large Carlton stump grinder which worked through all of the stumps in less than 1 day. This machine is able to grind right through the bottom of the rootplate even on large stumps. This is a real bonus when it comes to the follow on landscaping and planting work.

Tree stump grindin in Princes Risborough

On this site it was important to remove the stumps thoroughly and completely to allow the ground to be regraded in readiness for the new planting. We also loaded and cleared away all of the stump grindings which can be a problem if they remain in the soil as they can hinder the establishment of new trees and plants.

Over the years we have invested in bigger and better machinery. This means we can take on larger contracts and get through the work quickly and safely. We spend less time cutting arisings up small and less time and back ache manually carrying timber.

Tree felling and clearance in Princes Risborough