Most of our work is all about tree felling and tree surgery so it was great to be involved in this avenue tree planting to create a beautiful landscape feature that will last for decades to come. The design was produced by award winning garden designer Rosemary Coldstream and our team having cleared out the old trees and stumps were tasked with the planting work.

Thirty-two ornamental Pears (Pyrus ‘Chanticleer’) were used for the avenue, carefully positioned to form a gentle curve to mirror the line of the new drive. These trees are a great selection for this site. They will tend to retain a compact and upright shape. This will give just the right balance between formal symmetry and an understated, long sweeping approach to the property.

Avenue Tree Planting Near Thame

The soil on the site was a mix of loamy clay with chalk in places. We incorporated a goodly amount of mushroom compost in with the back fill and a dose of mycorrhizal fungi to help the trees get off to a good start. The new trees were installed with an irrigation system to allow for automated watering and finished with a circle of bark mulch to help retain moisture and to enhance the aesthetics of the new planting.

Tree Planting Avenue Near Thame

We look forward to seeing the planting develop over the years to come. It has been a very satisfying job to complete and the client and designer were both very pleased with the results.

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