Tree planting is a rewarding and important aspect of arboriculture and we have developed our expertise and equipment to successfully plant and establish large semi-mature specimens such as this Kanzan Cherry.

This tree will form part of a large woodland garden where we have been undertaking tree work over the last 6 months as part of an extensive program of improvements to the property. The woodland itself is classed as ancient woodland and is subject to a Tree preservation Order.

The Kanzan Cherry will sit at the edge of the woodland and add a welcome display of pink Spring flower to the garden space.

Chinnor tree planting

This tree was supplied by Majestic Trees and came with a well developed root system developed using the Air Pot system. The root ball was wrapped in hessian and a wired supporting mesh to ensure that it remained undamaged during the planting process. The stem girth was 35-40 cms and overall the tree weighed around 1 ton.

Tree planting in Chinnor, South Oxfordshire

We used a telehandler to help position the tree in the planting pit and incorporated plenty of mushroom compost into the backfill to give the tree an ideal rooting environment for the new roots as they grow out from the rootball. We also include a slow release nutrient feed and mycorrhizal fungi to help successful establishment. A perforated irrigation tube is curled around the rootball below ground so that the new tree can be easily and effectively watered during the first couple of Summers.

We expect this tree to grow on to provide interest and enjoyment for the current owners of this garden and even future generations.