Four Seasons Tree Care were once again working in South Buckinghamshire recently to carry out some much needed pollarding on trees which had outgrown their allotted space.

As the trees were on a commercial site this meant working through the small hours whilst shops and restaurants are shut to avoid risk to the general public.

As part of our service, we obtained Local Authority consent on behalf of our client, and the work undertaken will become a cyclical management regime whereby these trees are cut back to the original pollard points every 8 years or so.

The trees will regenerate strongly and continue to provide amenity and wildlife value. Pollarding will not reduce the life of the trees but will reduce the likelihood of these trees failing and posing a risk. This sustainable tree management is very much in accord with the needs of the commercial company owners of the site.

Pollarding is a method of pruning which keeps trees and shrubs smaller than they would naturally grow. It is normally started once a tree reaches a certain height, and can be repeated cyclically to maintain trees at a given size.

Tree pollarding in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire

Pollarding is a traditional form of tree management that is not suitable for many trees but is still a valid practice in certain situations. Traditionally riverside Willows are pollarded to prevent them becoming top heavy and collapsing. Many of our larger street trees such as Limes and London Planes are pollarded to restrict their size.

There are other pruning options suitable for large trees, such as crown thinning or crown reduction. Four Seasons Tree Care are able to advise on a complete range of tree management options so do get in touch if you need any advice on your trees.