We recently removed eight mature Pine trees from a garden in Bledlow Ridge.  Each tree was dismantled carefully in sections to avoid damage to the garden and hedges below.  The trees were fully mature and stood around 20 meters in height with a stem diameter of around  75 centimeters.  Due to the layout of the garden there was no space to fell the trees in the traditional manner.

Our skilled tree surgeons climbed into the trees and set up rigging systems that allowed the trees to be individually dismantled in sections without letting branches free fall to the ground.  We have a huge range of strops, pulleys, carabiners, snatch blocks, ropes, friction brakes and winch systems that allow us to fell just about any tree in any location in a safe and controlled manner.  All of this kit is thoroughly tested and examined on a regular basis to ensure it is safe and fit for purpose.

We were able to position our largest woodchipper at one end of the work area and used our Avant loader with timber grab to carry all of the cut material up to the chipper. This saved many long hours of manually handling and speeded up the efficiency of the whole job.

We find that this loader can do in just a few hours the amount of work that could take several days for a 3 man team.  And the best part is machinery does not suffer with back ache !

We find that our investment in equipment and machinery is really worthwhile with larger tree removal jobs in terms of time and cost efficiency as well as cutting down on manual handling and working more safely.