Another commercial site clearance job completed on land near Witney.  We recently removed several large trees from a site near Witney as part of the enabling works for a new housing development.  Planning Consent had been granted by the local authority and the trees needed to be removed quickly and efficiently. Due to the time constraints we sent a 6 man team to the site with 4 tipper trucks and 2 chippers in order to get 4 large trees felled and removed within one working day.

We split into 2 teams of 3 and were able to have all 4 trees safely on the ground by the end of the morning. Two of the trees were straight felled and the other 2 were climbed and dismantled in sections   All of the brushwood was chipped up and cleared with both chippers working hard.  The larger timber was then loaded into our trucks using our Avant loader with timber grab. The loader is a huge advantage in tree clearance jobs. We loaded about 8 tons of wood in just a couple of hours without any manual handling.

The stumps were all cut flush to ground level. We returned to site the following day with a stump grinder and ground out the stumps to a depth of 300 mm as per the required specification .

Finally the site is raked over and the remaining leaves and sawdust blown off to leave a very tidy site ready for the next phase of works.

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