When trees are felled and removed, the remaining stump and roots can be a problem in lawns and garden areas.  We use our own narrow access tracked stump grinder to grind out stumps and roots of trees for commercial and residential customers in and around Bucks and Oxon.

Watlington Tree Stump Removal

Our machine has the power required to grind out large stumps such as these 2 Beech stumps in this recent job. They measured around 3’ in diameter and were solid, without any rot or decay.  The machine is operated by remote radio control. This means the operator can position himself safely away from the cutter wheel and any flying chips of stump that can be ejected whilst he is able to see very clearly the progress of the cutter wheel as it passes across the stump.  A large stump like this usually takes an hour or more to reduce to a pile of woody mulch.  This material can be collected and used as a mulch or simply raked out over the ground to compost and decompose back into the soil.

Watlington Beech Tree Stump Removal

There are several reasons why stump grinding is a such a useful service to offer:

  1. Many species of tree will throw suckers and regenerate from a cut stump. This is often not wanted when a tree is felled. Although treating stumps with Glyphosate can also prevent regrowth, the use of chemicals is not always desirable for environmental reasons.
  2. Often trees are removed to make way for new building or hard landscaping, and it is not possible to lay a foundation, concrete base or footing when stumps are in the ground.
  3. Stumps in lawns and grass areas impede the mowing of grass and often look untidy. Grinding them out will be necessary before new seed or turf can be laid.
  4. Another important and often overlooked reason for removing stumps is to reduce the risk of disease in a garden, particularly Honey Fungus.

If you have stumps on your property that are a nuisance for any reason – we will be pleased to quote for grinding them out. Contact us on 01844 218222 or visit our Stump Removal page for more details.