We often carry out tree surgery and pruning work to trees with Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s) in and around Aylesbury, Stone, Haddenham and surrounding areas.  The tree owner was concerned about the safety of the tree as it partly overhangs a main road and had recently shed a couple of branches.

We assessed the tree carefully and recommended crown reduction to reduce risk and maintain the tree in a healthy, safe and attractive manner.  Dead, weak and crossing growth was also removed as part of the job.

We duly submitted a TPO application to AVDC and received consent for the work in due course.

The photo above shows our team leader and qualified arborist, James Jefferey getting himself into the top of the tree to begin pruning.  At this point the tree is still quite congested with a lot of dead, weak and crossing growth.

The work progresses steadily and carefully as James prunes branches back to suitable growth points. The pruning cuts are all made accurately to leave small diameter pruning wounds that are likely to occlude with callus tissue and minimise the chance of pathogens gaining entry to the tree.
Obviously it takes training, experience and dedication to be able to prune and shape large trees and as a company we take pride in the quality of our work.

The mists came in towards the end of the day but this final photo shows the finished job. The natural shape and balance of the tree has been retained and our customer was impressed with the results.