Expert pruning for large old specimen trees in gardens is the type of tree work that we love to do at Four Seasons Tree Care. It feels like a privilege to be trusted to work on beautiful specimen trees. Tree Surgery work on this Cappadocian Maple (Acer cappadocium) in a garden near Princes Risborough was certainly one of those jobs.

This species is found across much of Asia, from Turkey eastwards as far as South East China. It grows well in the UK, sometimes reaching 20 meters in height and a meter in stem diameter. This specimen was a little over that size and is the largest specimen of this species that I know of. The tree is a valued specimen and we have pruned it carefully a couple of times over the last 10 years or so. It is basically in good condition and the pruning work was only to remove dead wood and to carefully remove lower branches, particularly over the roof of the house just under one edge of the canopy.

Our cherry picker was perfect for this job, allowing our arborist, Sam Harper to work carefully over the roof of the property. All the pruning was completed with a ‘Silky’ pruning saw rather than a chainsaw.

You can see in the photo above how the tree frames the house beautifully without imposing or seeming to dominate the space. These trees have a lovely fresh green colour to the leaf and usually turn a strong clear yellow in Autumn. They are one of my favourite trees and I look forward to coming back to this tree in another 5 years or so and continuing to provide some arboricultural tlc.

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