pThis large pine tree in Cuddington, near Aylesbury, needed some expert tree surgery work to reduce the size and improve the shape and form of the tree. This corsican Pine (Pinus nigra) had become a nuisance to the properties beneath with heavy branching that spread over the roofs of the cottages below. We inspected the tree and advised tree surgery work to reduce the crown spread, remove low growth over the roofs as well as taking out dead and damaged branches.

The photos below show the tree before and after the pruning work.

This tree had been crudely ‘topped’ many years before, presumably as some kind of primitive tree surgery operation.  This damaging treatment had caused the tree to develop an unbalanced and unnatural form. The photo shows how the tree had developed a very large lateral limb that extended horizontally at the very top of the crown making the tree very broad at the top. Corsican pines are typically more upright growing with strong apical dominance.

We worked on the tree to improve the balance and form, shortening over long branches to suitable reduction points. As there was limited clear space below the tree we carried out the work from our MEWP (Cherry Picker).

The before and after pictures below show the tree from different angles. Lowe growth is lifted to a good clearance over the roofs. The dead wood has been removed along with split and damaged branches. Both of the cottages below, with thatched roofs can now enjoy more light and space without risk of storm damage.