Tree Clearance Work for Development Site in South Oxfordshire

We completed a large scale tree clearance job in Chinnor this month using our new 12” capacity Heizohack wood chipper. This machine is ideal for commercial tree clearance operations with its large capacity and ability to process small and medium sized trees with very little snedding and chainsaw work.

This particular job required a 250 meter section of dense Hawthorn and other tree growth to be cleared to create a new footpath and also to allow a new water main to be installed.  All of the chipped material was cleared off site and we ground out all of the stumps with our tracked Predator stump grinder.

The chipper is fitted with a powerful winch that drags cut material to the feed funnel, greatly reducing the need for manual handling. The chipper is powered by a Massey Fergusson 5610 which we purchased specifically to power the new chipper, delivering over 100 HP at the PTO. The front loader on the tractor can be used to pick up and move timber and brushwood, further reducing the need for manual handling and greatly improving efficiency on bigger site clearance jobs.

The team love the new machinery and we look forward to taking on more commercial and site clearance work in Oxford & the surrounding areas.  One feature of the machine that is particularly useful is the power assist feature. This engages a a hydraulic ram that pushes the top feed roller downwards onto the material as it is fed in. This means that forked and bulky tree sections are broken up with less requirement for chainsaw snedding.

If you are interested in our tree work services in Oxford and the surrounding areas, give us a call for a free quotation.