Another professional and expert tree surgery and felling job completed by our tree work team in a garden in a property near Oxford. Several large trees were carefully felled and removed. Other trees were pruned to reduce the crown sizes and increase light to the garden below.

The tree owner called us out to advise on how best to manage the trees in a shady neglected part of the garden. We offered various options to reduce the extent of tree cover and shading. It was decided that two large conifers would be felled and other broad leaved trees including Plums and a Maple would be carefully pruned to allow more light and space for the new planting that was planned.

We used our mobile elevated work platform (MEWP), otherwise known as a cherry picker to access the tree safely and efficiently. Once the crown was removed we were left with the main stem of the tree. The MEWP is the safest way to access the tree and we always opt for this over climbing with rope and harness as it greatly reduces risk to our operators and maintains compliance with the Working at Height Regs, 2005.

Our trained tree surgeon, Ben Marsh, took the stem down in blocks which were carefully landed in a drop zone at the base of the tree, without damage to the various garden, path and fencing below.

The timber is picked up with our Avant loader which saves time and labour is well as reducing manual handling. Tree work is heavy and physically demanding work. As company policy we always use machinery for lifting where we can. This helps reduce physical injuries that can result from manual handling.

This large Ash tree was safely removed and cleared within a working day with minimal disturbance to the garden and street below.