We recently completed tree surgery and crown reduction work to this avenue of 14 mature lime trees on a private road in Princes Risborough.  These trees were all subject to a Tree Preservation Order and so we submitted an application and obtained planning consent for the work from the Local Authority.  

The pruning work took several days.  We were able to use our cherry picker to access the lower half of the trees up to around 17 meter height. The trees were up to around 25 meters height and so we also we also needed to use rope and harness climbing techniques to access the upper crowns of the trees.  Limes are often planted as roadside avenue trees and are very tolerant of crown reduction, generally responding with strong new growth.  This means that they are often subject to pollarding which is a more severe form of pruning.  Pollarded trees tend to look stunted and unattractive.

Hence, we prefer to maintain trees like this with a fuller more natural crown shape and size where possible. Often removal of lower growth by lifting the crowns to 4 or 5 meters over the ground in combination with crown reduction can provide a feeling is greatly improved light and space around and under trees like these. This certainly seemed to be true for this job, judging by the positive feedback and comments from the residents.

The overall effect as you look down the road is good. The trees are now well-balanced and well-shaped adding stature and maturity to the frontages of the properties without being overbearing.