Pruning, shaping and reducing large trees (tree surgery) is work that we regularly carry out in the Oxford area. Our team of tree surgeons are skilled and reliable in all aspects of tree surgery work. We have pruned hundreds if not thousands of trees over the years and can bring a wealth of expertise, know-how and experience to the task at hand.

Often the work involves climbing and carefully pruning branches back to suitable secondary growth points. With crown reduction it is important to work with the natural branch flow and form of the individual tree. Our staff have a good understanding of the way different species of tree will respond to pruning and how the tree will grow back following the work. Usually it is better to remove many small branches rather than whole large branches.

Tree surgery and pruning in Oxford
Tree pruning in Oxford
We aim to keep pruning cuts to smaller diameter wood and avoid making multiple pruning cuts in the same limb which leads to dysfunction and decay. A well made pruning cut on a healthy tree will often occlude completely within a few years.

Another requirement with pruning and crown reduction work is to maintain the natural shape and form of the tree. This does not necessarily mean that trees are perfectly symmetrical as trees often develop with asymmetric crown shapes and it is usually better to aim for flowing branch lines rather than an artificial uniformity.

The British Standard 3998, 2010 provides a huge amount of information on all aspects of tree work and is a great resource for specifying tree work correctly.