A recently completed tree surgery job in a South Bucks garden to prune trees to open the view. Lower growth on these large trees had blocked the view and light into the garden . We advised removal of lower growth to lift the tree crowns to around 5 meters over the ground and some crown reduction to reduce the spread over the garden by around 1.5 meters.

The overall effect was good.  The natural shape and balance of the trees was maintained with much improved light to the garden and most importantly a fantastic view across open countryside was opened up.  You can see in the photo that the border beneath the trees was well stocked with arrange of different shrubs and plants.  These will all benefit from the improved level of light.

We were able to get our narrow access cherry picker into the garden using ground protection mats to protect the lawn.  This allowed one of our arborists to access the edge of the crowns and undertake the crown reduction work, carefully pruning branches back to suitable growth points.  This kind of tree pruning at the tips of the branches is often not possible without using the cherry picker as access using rope and harness can be very problematic where the branches are too small to bear the weight of a tree climber.

We often carry out these kinds of jobs in the Summer months which is good timing for the tree in terms of the biological response.