Expert removal of large trees in confined spaces in Oxford and surrounding areas is a the kind of tree work we specialise in.  We felled 4 very large Pine trees using specialist rigging and lowering techniques in a really tight spot with no clear space below at a site in Oxford recently.

There was no access for larger machinery and so the trees were all dismantled piece by piece using a rigging system to lower everything safely.  It took a full three days to safely remove these trees.

All of our staff are trained and certificated in tree climbing and aerial rescue to allow us to undertake work like this safely and efficiently.  We also provide training and certification in more advanced tree surgery techniques such as rigging and dismantling which was order of the day on this job.  Every item in the climbing kits, from carabiners to main ropes and harnesses are all inspected by an independent inspector under the LOLER regulations as part of our health & safety management system.  The lowering and rigging kits are all independently inspected too, as required.

We enjoy the technical challenge of completing a job like this safely and efficiently although it is always sad to lose mature trees even when they are coming to the end of their safe, useful life expectancy.

As you might expect, we will soon return to this garden to plant some new specimens.

pine tree removal oxford