Four Seasons Tree Care can help your clients manage trees appropriately & in accordance with their legal obligations.

We suggest taking a proactive approach that will save cost, reduce risk and allow for budgeted and effective management.

We can help:

  • Minimise Risk
  • Avoid costly emergency call outs
  • Reduce nuisance tree complaints
  • Effectively discharge legal obligations
  • Enhance the amenity value of your site
  • Obtain planning consent where required
  • Competitively priced and reliable service

Under ‘common law’ tree owners and managers have a ‘duty of care’ to avoid acts or omissions which could foreseeably cause injury or damage to others.

Under the Occupiers Liability Act, the tree owners and managers have a further obligation to ensure persons on their land are safe. In relation to trees, this means that if a tree fails and causes damage to a person or property then the tree owner may be liable.

Therefore, it is prudent for any tree owner to have their trees regularly inspected by a competent arboriculturalist

Our accredited surveyors can inspect trees and provide a simple and comprehensive survey that identifies the trees, catalogues their condition and specifies any appropriate work.  Works can then be costed and scheduled in a timely fashion.

Tree Surgery and Tree Removal

We have our own highly trained and well-equipped teams to carry out tree work on your sites.