Tree felling and tree surgery to maintain safety on highways and roads near Oxford is a service that we offer.  We obtained consent from Oxfordshire Highways to place temporary traffic lights on the road so that we could undertake tree surgery and tree felling work.  A survey had flagged up various safety concerns over several roadside trees. Tree owners have a ‘Duty of Care’ to ensure their trees do not pose foreseeable risk to third parties. Clearly, where trees overhang a main road it is important to act on professional advice concerning tree safety.

This job included pollarding two large Willows and felling some dead Elm trees.  The Willows had previously been pollarded and after 30 or 40 years the new crowns that had regenerated were large and beginning to collapse.

This picture shows the set-up.  One of our climbers cutting branches over the carriageway. These are chipped and cleared. We have a second larger chipper working that is taking in the felled Elm trees.  The chip is all blown into our trucks and cleared off site.

We were able to have two teams working at the same time on this job which means we minimise the disruption and delay to traffic and also keep the overall cost of the work down.

With good planning, and the right machinery our well trained teams are able to safely and efficiently manage roadside tree works.

Our surveyors can assess roadside tree trees and give reliable and professional advice on appropriate works.